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Vodaplex Headquarters and Address

Vodaplex (Jan 15th, 2014) - Energy Consumer Offering Vodaplex soon to announce strategic relationship with enery partner. click for more content
Vodaplex (Aug 16th, 17th, 18th 2013) - Vodaplex adds Home Security This new product line compliments our existing consumer product offerings nicely and enables us to offer an incredible consumer bundle to our customers click for more content
Vodaplex (July 14th, 2011) - Vodaplex Signs National Master Agent Reseller Agreement With 8x8 to Offer Cloud-Based Services
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Vodaplex (Feb 21st, 2011) - Vodaplex Announces 4G Activations through the end of 2010 –19,000 4G Activations
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Vodaplex (Dec 10th, 2010) - The official launch of Vodaplex University for CLEAR, DIRECTV, and SPRINT. We are very excited about this! Having a structured training curriculum for your reps will help make it easier for you to scale your business across multiple product lines as we continue to introduce new vendors.
Vodaplex (Oct 31, 2010) - Vodaplex authorized to sell CLEAR in the Tampa Bay Market
Vodaplex (Oct 31, 2010) - Vodaplex #1 CLEAR National Retailer NYC market. 2nd month in a row.
Vodaplex (Sep 30, 2010) - Vodaplex #1 CLEAR National Retailer NYC market.
Vodaplex (Sep 1, 2010) - Vodaplex was selected by CLEAR as one of only three National Retailers to open the NYC market.
Vodaplex (Aug 20, 2010) - Vodaplex adds Orlando, Boston, Providence markets to sell CLEAR in.
Vodaplex (July 31st, 2010) - Vodaplex #2 new DIRECTV new reseller in the East Coast and #3 new DIRECTV new reseller in the country.
Vodaplex (June 30th, 2010)Vodaplex adds all of the Texas and Chicago markets to sell CLEAR in.
Vodaplex (April 30th, 2010)Vodaplex awarded SPRINT National BSP Agreement.
Vodaplex (February 15th, 2010)Vodaplex signs DIRECTV agreement that enables Vodaplex to sell DIRECTV in all markets in the Unites States.
Vodaplex (January 1st, 2010)Vodaplex awarded CLEAR National Contract.
Vodaplex (Dec 18, 2009) - Vodaplex opens its national training center in Atlanta, GA. Glenrigde Point will be the first center in a series of training and support facilities to serve our customer base. Become a reseller now at www.vodaplex.com/au_careers.htm!
Vodaplex (Nov 1, 2009) - Vodaplex ads 4G to its list of communications offerings. Become a reseller now at www.vodaplex.com/au_careers.htm!
Vodaplex Direct Why Outsource Your Sales? Vodaplex Direct
Vodaplex Direct Sellers

Vodaplex, established in 2008, is recognized as the dominant leader in outsourced face-to-face sales.

Vodaplex offers a face-to-face sales force for our clients to generate sales either business-to-business, business-to-consumer or special events . In addition, our clients pay commission only on the sales we produce.

• Our in-person approach to new customer acquisition, expanded product sales, and client-retention campaigns is unparalleled in speed-to-market, quality of service, and quantifiable results. With offices in more than 12 states and a professional sales force reaching 3,000, Vodaplex is the first choice for many Fortune 500 companies.

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Vodaplex Product Offerings

We’re in the communication business.  That means we offer products and services that make a difference in people’s lives.
Our 4G Wireless, Satellite Television, Cellular Communications, and Voice solutions are each sold by a direct selling force of independent Vodaplex resellers.
We’re selective in the products and services we choose to sell.  Each must be “best in class.” No exceptions.

Contact Vodaplex at 866-809-3933 or send an email.

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